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About Cyfex

Software for Market Leaders

Cyfex was established as a spin-off of ETH Zurich in the year 2000. In just a few years, it evolved into a prominent center of expertise for CAD software development in the medical technology field. The proliferation of affordable 3D scanners, 3D printers, milling machines, and grinding equipment created a pressing demand for generative manufacturing of parts that were traditionally crafted by hand.

One significant domain impacted by this transformation was digital dentistry. Cyfex played a pivotal role in developing systems like CEREC and OraCheck for Dentsply Sirona, revolutionizing and expediting workflows in dental practices and laboratories. This also facilitated or supported the additive manufacturing of dental components. After two decades of close collaboration, the dental division was eventually sold to this long-standing customer. 

Currently, Cyfex is focusing on its thriving audio division as its only business area. With its audio applications, developed and globally marketed by Cyfex since 2009, the company is a leading player in the field of CAD/CAM production for earmolds used in hearing aids, hearing protection, in-ear monitors, and hearables.

Today, over 500 large and small earmold labs worldwide trust our products, and millions of earpieces are manufactured annually using our software applications. If you are interested in our earmold software, please do not hesitate to contact us via the provided form. We are eager to share our expertise with you!


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