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Secret Ear Builder

Creating print jobs with ease and speed

With Secret Ear Builder, your lab has access to a tool that creates print jobs from scratch. The intuitive software makes maximum use of the printer's surface area and allows automated grouping and alignment of the earmolds to be printed. All necessary algorithms are available for the creation of support structures optimized for earmolds. All relevant basic settings - also those of your 3D printer - are preconfigured.

Cyfex_Plattform gruen

Altogether without human intervention platforms are assembled. The build factory is busy in the background, nimbly placing, orienting and nesting finished earmold designs whenever they are available, thus ensuring a seamless workflow from design to print pipeline. Technicians, supervising the continuous flow from prepared builds to various printers, can intervene at any time to declare a build preparation ready.   

Cyfex_Plattform gruen

Secret Ear Builder takes full advantage of the whole build space of your 3D printer. Time-consuming multi-layer print jobs can be produced intelligently over night. Example: Up to 66 in-the-ear shells can be produced in one pass on a platform with a build volume of 105 x 59 x 90 millimeters. This can increase the throughput of a 3D printer up to 40%.

Cyfex 3-stock-print

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